Saturday, April 7, 2012

Now what?

I keep thinking about the discussion of what to do with the bowls. 

One thought I had is this:
Sometimes in Clare’s work there is an element of asking questions about social or consumer behavior. In Trophy – would people follow each other in stealing the birds? In Forever, would people sign an imposing agreement in order to own a piece?

Perhaps asking questions about consumer or human behavior could help us determine the next step. We have been asking "why make?" For the most part, our answers are internal... why we make for ourselves. The next step could be why we make for others? What value do people assign to handmade? Are they willing to accept imperfections and individuality, or would they prefer the consistency of manufactured?

If we sell the bowls, I would like to see the performance part of the piece continue. We made a factory. Perhaps we could make a warehouse and a store. Maybe we box the bowls and sell them to people who know there are imperfections, but do not see the imperfections until they get the bowls home and unpack them. Maybe it could even be mail-order? 

What other questions could we ask? What other ideas?  


  1. Holley, I love the potential direction that you're describing.

  2. The idea of removing choice from the consumer is extremely interesting... Are people satisfied knowing they will be receiving an variation with imperfections without choosing it themselves? Will they even recognize the imperfections because they understand the agreement is to have no choice in which bowl they receive?

  3. Hammer mill the bowls down into a material that might become useful? Finding ways to reuse substandard products as part of a manufacturing process is just good business.