Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Aesthetic judgement.

For me, the question "Why Make?" comes down to an aesthetic choice. It is dependent on intentionality in what the maker is trying to communicate. In the last week, we have made all of these bowls by hand, not with machine, and as a result there are variations in each despite our best efforts to keep uniformity. If the maker needs uniformity, utilizing industry is the best possible choice. It all comes down to a judgment call on the part of the maker: How can the idea be clearly communicated based on a sensory, emotional and intellectual consideration of what the viewer will distill from the object or image? If this requires handmade objects, so be it. If it requires industrially produced objects, so be it. It is a judgement call.

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  1. I agree with you Roberta, it's about what is appropriate to the concept.

    I wonder if I am asking you all, can we effect the public perception of objects and contemporary craft. How can the traditions of craft makers and the role of craft makers rotate around our contemporary circumstances of making.

    Does craft making have a place in the future? as a relevant and valued role for the public?
    At what scale for what reason?