Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Facebook posts and comments relating to this project

I thought I would post some comments below that people have shared with me or that I've written in response to a few posted pictures of the bowls.  The conversation is continuing outside our studio, which is interesting to me and by the response, is definitely quite interesting to others too.

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  1. This one is from my reply to comments in a comment thread for a picture of the bowls.

    "Thanks everyone for the comments. The project was more or less 50% bowls and 50% dialogue initiated by the making of the bowls. We talked quite a lot about handmade and whether our little factory of many hands but one creative leader (Clare) was handmade in the ways that are often most discussed - the creative leader is the person whose hands do the making. In our case, each bowl was poured by hand, cleaned up by hand, glazed by hand, etc. Evidence of the hand is not totally clear, although each bowl has its own slight variations and is numbered on the bottom, each is distinct. The nice thing about our dialogue was that it never intended to reach a consensus of thought or to find a resolution that was agreeable for everyone. The dialogue and the wild swings across topics opened up terms like handmade, make, handcraft, etc to the value structures that are both embedded in how the terms are used in a arts/crafts community and also to other parallel and equally valid value structures that fall more in line with skilled labor in factory settings. The conversation was really quite terrific."