Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I Make Because I am.

Coming from a sculptors perception of making, I make because I am. Almost in a sense of leaving some sort of  legacy behind.

Every piece I make holds something dear to me, some part of my life, be it past, present, or future holdings, that I wish to be archived. I make in ways of remembrance, a story to be conveyed in some way or another to the viewer, of my life.

There is a story hidden in each piece I make, some obvious, some not, and with those stories or memories, I make to connect to whomever views so that I become immortal so to speak.

Everyone wishes to make some kind of impact on life, to not be forgotten after their gone. Whether it be and actual realization of this, or a hidden recessed idea. I know that anytime someone views a sculpture of mine, it will be in their mind forever, even if it is only a fragment of that memory, it is still their. That connection that I have made with that person, no matter how small is still there.


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  1. Some of this is in the above post as a connection to your dialogue.
    But i think your comment brings us closer to our need to be heard and express. If this helps us move through life easier does this help us build a better place for others close to us and our great cultures?